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Genetic Daemon (GD) is a complex piece of software meant to run and to manage remotely a set of genetic engines; a genetic engine (GE) is a collection of genetic Agents (GA) each of which is searching for a solution of a complex problem. Each engine iterates indefinitely until an agent or a set of agents are capable to find a reasonable solution, or to get near enough. Each iteration, or turn, the set of agents are "evolved" as a living population: they are reproduced and mutated in several fashion determined by the user (or controller); only the fittest agents are carried on to the next turn. This way, the population adapts using a process similar to natural evolution.

Parameters as the reproduction rates, mutation among generations, the competitiveness (the so called tournament algorithm that decides which agents will survive), and others are configured by the user before or during the simulation. A finer degree of control can be obtained by programming plugins that Genetic Daemon will use to modify its behavior.

Genetic Daemon has a client-server architecture; this means that the server you get in this package could be used with clients that can be found separately. However, GD can be used almost at top functionality also through a normal telnet session from every operative system. The basic server-to-client interface has been designed to be both human readable and program-friendly.

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