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I am proud to present Genetic Daemon, the first Genetic Algorithm Server.

More exactly Genetic Daemon is:

   A server running transparently in background (daemon)
   that receives orders and exchange results with remote clients
   via TCP/IP. Each client can control one or more genetic agent
   populations (engines) that represent a virtually
   unlimited range of problem solving genetic algorithms.

Most interesting features of Genetic Daemon are:

  • Remote user permission management.
  • Client-server architecture.
  • Computational resource allocation(*).
  • Parallel distributed population management(*).

(*)In final development stage.

Read the abstract for more details.

Genetic Daemon has been tested on Linux with glibc 2.1+, but since it's written in standard ANSI C++ (with Unix function calls as socket and pthread libraries) it should compile and run in any Unix environment.

From the download section, you can get the last version (0.1) in source format.

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